All of these pictures were prepared using the frozen section techniques described in this web site.

Sesame stream

Field of flowers

Flowers at Night

My son did this at 15.

A Flower from my garden

Snail Of love

For Jeannine

Liquid nebula


I have read too many slides




Sesame pinwheel


51 brain biopsies

Skin blocks on edge

I'm no Picasso!

Skin and kidney checkers

Picture of slide

Skin roll ups -Epidermis dyed red, black deep margin

15cm of rolled ovarian cyst.  (by 2nd year resident Dr.Ada Baisre)

Colon adenoma

Renal tubules

Bronchiolo-alveolar Ca


A Book of skin

Chrysanthemum petal

Worm 1mm.dia,

FNA cell block Kidney

Still enough for a bagel

Large irregular shape

Large irregular shape

Kidney tumor

Partial nephrectomy margin on edge.

We need bigger slides!


Don't ask


Photo of slide

Fennel needles 0.5mm dia.

Embedded untrimmed

Trimmed block

Melted block